German TV abroad

YouTV allows to access the entire german TV from all over the world.

Once you have to configure your personalized german tv collection. Afterwards you can access your favourite german tv shows whenever and how YOU want.

Stay in touch with the german TV. Bundesliga, Tagesschau, Tatort and many more … everywhere!

The german TV

There are 44 German TV stations available, which can be recorded just as they are aired in Germany.
The complete list at:ügung-


Many users reported us the reasons, why they’re watching german TV abroad.

  • Staying in touch with Germany. Never forget your roots!
  • Homesickness. It can be tough to live abroad…
  • Give your children a chance to learn your native language. 
  • Learning and maintaining the German language.
  • German news. What’s happening in Germany?

    … and of course the Bundesliga.


YouTV can be accessed worldwide. 
Numerous satisfied users come from the following countries:
Australia, Brazil, Thailand, England, France, Holland, Italy, Hong Kong, Canada, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and USA.


Configure and fill your own TV collection. You just have to program a few recording assistants for your favorite channels, series, genres once. Afterwards the recording assistants will automatically program and record the corresponding programs. There is no need for further actions.
Create your own assistant:

Single tv shows can also be programmed with one click. How it works exactly:

After recording, all tv shows will be listed at „Meine Aufnahmen" and can be played back or downloaded.

No need for additional hardware

The recording will be performed completely autonomous and the tv shows will be stored in the cloud, without additional hardware.

Note: The VCR is independent from your device.

Your own schedule

The programmed tv shows will be available as soon as they are recorded. Based on your subscription you can access them afterwards for 1 - 300 days.
Regardless of time zones and the broadcasting time, you can access your favorite tv shows whenever YOU want.

On all platforms

Whether on the train, in the living room, or at the desk, the personal video recorder can be accessed everywhere. YouTV offers numerous apps on the most frequent platforms. Among others: Roku, Xbox, Android, iOS, FireTV, AppleTV and many more. All Apps:

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